The Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences “Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti” (A.A.F.S.) was founded in 1969, as a national scientific forum for public interest in the field of agriculture, veterinary medicine, food industry, forestry and environmental protection. A.A.F.S. continues the ancient tradition on scientific research, developed in the past by the Institute of Romanian Agronomic Research (I.R.A.R.) and other prestigious scientific institutions.

A.A.F.S., as a public specialized institution of academic recognition and scientific coordination with juridical personality, financed through extra-budgetary income, functions according to its own statute, under the coordination of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development (M.A.F.R.D.) and collaborates with the Ministry of Education and Research (M.E.R.).

According to its Organization and Functioning Statute, AAFS has 181 titular and correspondent members, an undefined number of honorary members from abroad and 40 in the country and 92 associated members. In order to accomplish the R&D objectives from National Program of Research and Development, AAFS has under its subordination 17 Agricultural R&D Institutes and Centers and 50 Agricultural R&D Stations throughout the country.

The R&D units are financed from extra budgetary incomes obtained through R&D contracts, dues from biologic creations, services, as well as capitalization of agricultural products (seeds, seedlings of superior biologic categories and animals of noble race) obtained in development sectors.

In order to accomplish its objectives, AAFS collaborates with the Universities of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UASVM) where it has regional branches. It also collaborates with National Agency for Agricultural Consulting (NAAC) for ensuring dissemination of research information towards users.
AAFS Presidium
Presidium Bureau

Acad. Cristian HERA President

Prof. Ioan ALECU


Prof. Dumitru SIMIONESCU

Prof. Viorel STOIAN

Prof. Gheorghe SIN
Secretary General
Corresponding member of the Romanian Academy

The research-development units have a logistic basis consisting of laboratories endowed with equipment and specific apparatus, phytotron, zootron, apitron, greenhouses, banks of genetic resources and data and other facilities. For research purposes as well as for producing seeds, seedlings and husbandry, the units have at their disposal a patrimony consisting of 59.000 ha of public agricultural land and animals’ stocks etc. 800 graduates from whom 650 are attested researchers carry out the scientific research and technologic development activities of the units from the A.A.F.S. network.

A special attention is accorded to the transfer of research activity results in agricultural producers’ practice, by providing them important quantities of seeds from recent created varieties and numerous specific actions of consulting. A.A.F.S. represents Romania in international scientific relationships in its fields of activity, participating in its own name in international technical-scientific cooperation programs according to the legislation in force.

AAFS Objectives
Increasing of research contribution of complex, harmonious and sustainable agriculture, forestry science and Romanian rural environment.
Support for EU adhering process.
Increasing of Romanian agricultural science competitiveness and contribution to values international fund
Developments of cooperation and collaboration relations with foreign partners for sustaining of agricultural research progress
Ensuring of genofund for vegetal and animal productions increasing.
Elaboration of advanced technologies for plants, animals and environment health protection, as well as for increasing of production and obtaining of high quality products.
Elaboration of short and long terms strategies regarding development of agricultural science and production and support of administrative staff for accomplishing of agricultural policies.
Extension, consulting and information and technology transfer activities towards agriculture and food industry users.

AAFS Functional relations at national level

1. Section of Soil Science, Land Reclamation and Environment Protection in Agriculture

President: Prof. Mihail DUMITRU
Scientific secretary: Ing. Stelian CARSTEA

• Elaboration of strategies for soil and water protection and superior capitalization of soil, water and clime taking into account Romania specific conditions, in cooperation with the institutions, universities and other organizations and agencies involved in R&D activities regarding soil, water and clime resources (including agro-meteorology, land improvement, ecologic reconstruction of rural landscape, cadastre and agricultural land settling, diminishing of noxious effects of climatic changes, biodiversity preservation and protection of environmental utilization;

• Elaboration and coordination of R&D projects and programs for:

– Inventorying and monitoring of soil, water, clime resources quantitative and qualitative evolution;

– Information and recommendation for scientific substantiating and zoning of sustainable agriculture measures.

• Evaluation and proposition of combat measures for drought, desertification and land physical, chemical and biologic degradation;

• Organization of research personnel training systems and improvement of technical-material base;

• Organization of scientific manifestations in this field of activity;

• Coordination and guideness of R&D and educational and projecting units.
2. Section of Horticulture

President: Prof. Nicolae STEFAN
Scientific secretary: Ing. Mihail PRISARGEAC, Ph.D

• Coordinates R&D programs and projects in the field of horticulture, related to the ecological conditions, realization of new biologic creations, performances adapted to the natural environment;

• Elaborates strategies and development programs for plantations and horticultural crops, from Romania natural production specific spreading area of specimen;

• Promotes programs, projects and activities that will ensure new varieties of hybrids with superior qualities in the context of sustainable horticulture;

• Promotes co-working and collaboration relationships with similar institutes from our country or abroad;

• Organizes scientific manifestations and technologic transfer actions of R&D results towards users;

• It is preoccupied with research personnel drawing and training.
3. Section of Field Crops

President: Prof. Valeriu TABARA
Scientific secretaries: Ing. Ilaria DOUCET, Ph.D.
Biologist Ana POPESCU, Ph.D.

• Elaborates strategies for scientific research activities regarding field crops, stimulating superior capitalization of the natural and technologic resources through systems of sustainable agricultural and performance;

• Stimulates the improvement of agricultural production genetic base with an accent on the crops adaptability improvement to pedoclimatic conditions in the country;

• Promotes the improvement of vegetal products quality for competitiveness ensuring on internal and international markets;

• Promotes the development of the integrated systems for plant protection, in order to reduce the risks for environment and agro-food products pollution;

• Aims the development of fundamental research oriented towards the major problems of the vegetal production;

• Supports, coordinates and monitories the activity developed in the frame of the research projects acquired by the R&D units and promotes collaboration relationships for research projects execution with internal and international institutions;

• Organizes scientific events and technology transfer actions of R&D results towards users.
4. Section of Animal Husbandry

President: Prof. Dumitru SIMIONESCU

• Through titular, correspondent, associated and honoring members, it guides the scientific research in the field of animal husbandry for increasing production quality, effectives and obtaining maximum individual production indexes;

• Elaborates, together with the habilitated institutions, programs for the amelioration of animal stocks for obtaining products demanded by internal and global market, qualitative and economic competitive;

• Initiates, coordinates and executes projects of scientific research in the field of genetic amelioration, biotechnologies for breeding and animal nutrition, as well as elaboration of animals growing and exploitation on different exploitation types and dimensions depending on geoclimatic zones and production directions demanded by markets;

• Elaborates directly and collaborates with other partners in order to establish strategies for animals growing on short, medium and long term according to national and European demands;

• Supports, coordinates and monitories elaboration of national and international R&D projects by R&D units;

• Initiates and organizes national and international scientific manifestations;

• Participates to young researchers recruiting, training and promotion, as well as R&D staff establishing;

• Through its members, participates to students’ and candidates for a doctor/degree’ training and stimulates scientific creation of excellence;

• Through its members and researchers from institutes and stations, participates at scientific activities held at AAFS branches and universities.
5. Section of Veterinary Medicine

President: Prof. Dumitru MILITARU
Scientific secretary: Prof. Dumitru SIMIONESCU

• Elaborates strategies, programs and projects for ensuring animals health and population food safety;

• Coordinates scientific research for substantiate the legislative frame for animal health protection and diseases combat;

• Establishes directions and methods for diagnosing and combating animal diseases at major importance;

• Contributes at development of research in the field of biotechnologies for obtaining new biologic products specific to veterinary medicine;

• Supports international contacts and relationships for developing scientific research;

• Organizes national and international scientific manifestations;

• Supports the improvement of the process regarding young researchers training and attracting in scientific research activity.
6. Section of Mechanization in Agriculture

President: Prof. Vergil GANGU
Scientific secretary: Ing. Mihai NICOLESCU, Ph.D.

• Implements new equipments and technologies into agricultural practices;

• Promotes in agriculture unconventional energetic sources together with rationalization of classical energetic sources;

• Implements a new informational system for monitoring of the equipments utilized in agriculture and food industry;

• Promotes multidisciplinary groups and programs for research development measures and increasing of their efficiency into agricultural practices;

• Participates to development strategy in the field of agriculture and food industry processes mechanization;

• Coordinates and evaluates R&D activities of R&D units in the field of mechanization;

• Makes propositions for R&D staff promotion and organizes scientific manifestations;

• supports information transfer towards users.
7. Section of Food Industry

President: Prof. Petru NICULITA
Scientific secretaries: Ing. Valerii STOICA, Ph.D.
Ing. Mircea DECIU, Ph.D.

• Promotes and coordinates scientific and technologic investigations regarding the processing of agro-food and connected resources into food products;

• Elaborates strategies and programs of scientific research and technologic development for development of food industry and food safety;

• Promotes interdisciplinary collaborations in the chain soil – product – consumer, through integrative activities with other fields of scientific research.
8. Section of Forestry Sciences

President: Prof. Victor GIURGIU
Scientific secretary: Ing. Mihai NICOLESCU, Ph.D.

• Promotes and coordinates programs and strategies for scientific substantiation of pastures sustainable management;

• Evaluates and monitories R&D projects proposed by its units;

• It is preoccupied with R&D staff training, evaluates and attests their scientific promotion;

• Organizes scientific manifestations in this field of activity, supports the actions for the transfer of the results obtained in R&D technologic sectors from the units coordinated by beneficiaries.
9. Section of Agrarian Economics and Rural Development

President: Prof. Ioan Niculae ALECU
Scientific secretary: Prof. Letitia ZAHIU

• Coordinates scientific researches in the field of Agrarian Economics and Rural Development regarding:

– substantiation of modern systems and mechanisms for the functioning of agricultural products and agro-food market;

– technical – economical substantiation for the organization of optimal dimensions agricultural exploitations;

– sustainable development of Romania rural area.

• Elaborates strategies regarding agriculture development and modernization in the context of market economy and in connection with EU demands.

10. Economic Division (Head – Drd. Ec. Mircea TOMA )

• Coordinates economics policies application into the activities of R&D units subordinated to the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences “Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti”;

• Supports R&D units economic-financial relations with specialty organisms of central institutions;

• Ensures the logistic base for the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences “Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti” functioning, including the funds for its financing.
11. Development Division (Head – Ing. Alexandru TIANU, Ph.D.)

• Monitories the logistic base constituted from lands, animals, mechanical and immobile resources of R&D units subordinated by the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences “Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti”;

• Guides units seeds, seedlings, animals of superior race production, connected with agriculture needs;

• It is preoccupied with research results taking with practical applicability for their transfer towards users.
12. Informing-Documentation, Informatics Division (Head – Mat. Neculae STAN)

• Ensures, limited to the funds allocated by MER, the procurement of national and international publications;

• Ensures AAFS library computerization by implementing hardware and software resources for TINLIB system working;

• Ensures a well functioning of AAFS INTERNET;

• Ensures specialty consulting for software resources implementation.
13. International Cooperation and European Integration Dept. (Head – Ing. Cristian KLEPS, Ph.D.)

• Promotes relations of collaboration and cooperation with similar institutes from abroad;

• Supports R&D units subordinated to the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences “Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti”, in order to establish contacts with institutions and specialists from other countries;

• Informs R&D units subordinated to the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences “Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti” about the opportunities to promote projects of collaboration with foreign partners.
14. Juridical Office (Head – Elena ROMAN, Legal Advisor)

• Solves the juridical issues related to AAFS patrimonial interests and protect them;

• Represents the institutions into justice;

• Ensures the lawfulness of the adopted measures regarding the management of this institution;

• Collaborates with the specialized offices from the subordinated units, for the fulfilling of its tasks.
15. Human Resources Office (Head – Ileana POPESCU, Legal Advisor)

• Elaborates and applies the AAFS personnel and wages policy;

• Collaborates with the specialized offices from the subordinated units, for the fulfilling of its tasks.
16. Internal Audit Office (Head – Ec. Maria SFIRLOGEA, Ph.D.)

• Exercises the financial control and internal audit of AAFS and its subordinated units.
17. Administrative Office (Head – Costel VASILE)

• Ensures the administration and functioning of AAFS movable and immovable goods.