Gheorghe DUCA

President of the ASM, Academician

Address: 1 Stefan cel Mare ave., office 214

Phone: (+373 22) 27 14 78 (off.); (+373 22) 27 06 58 (off.)

E-mail: duca[at]



Sections of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova:

Section of Agricultural Sciences,

Academician-Coordinator – Simion TOMA

Section of Economic and Mathematic Sciences,

Academician-Coordinator – Gheorghe MISCOI

Section of Biological, Chemical and Ecological Sciences,

Academician-Coordinator – Ion TODERAS

Section of Physical and Engineering Sciences,

Academician-Coordinator – Valeriu KANTSER

Section of Medical Sciences,

Academician-Coordinator – Gheorghe GHIDIRIM

Section of Humanities and Arts Sciences,

Academician-coordinator – Alexandru ROSCA

The Academy of Sciences of Moldova is the sole public institution of the national importance in the field of science and innovation, the plenipotentiary coordinator of scientific and innovational activities, the supreme scientific forum of the country and the scientific adviser of the public authorities of the Republic of Moldova.

The Academy of Sciences of Moldova is authorized with both the Government’s competence in the filed of research and development and the role of the coordinator concerning the promotion of innovations and technological transfer.

Section of Agricultural Sciences

Address: 1 Stefan cel Mare ave., MD-2001, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, office 334

Academician Coordinator: Simion Toma, Academician

Phone/Fax: (+373 22) 23 28 74

Scientific Secretary: Marin Usatii, Doctor Habilitat

Phone/Fax: (+373 22) 21 05 02

E-mail: ssagricola[at]

The Section of Agricultural Sciences includes the following research institutes of the sphere of science and innovation:

Research Institute for Field Crops “Selectia”

Institute for Pedology and Agrochemistry “Nicolae Dimo”

Institute of Horticulture

nstitute of Zootechnics and Medical Veterinary

Institute of Agricultural Techniques “Mecagro”

Institute of Food Technologies

Institute of Plant Industry “Porumbeni”

Institute of Plant Protection and Ecologic Agriculture

National Institute of Winegrowing and Winemaking

Agricultural State University of Moldova

Main results:

The Section activity was oriented towards the organization, coordination and achievement of scientific researches in the field of agricultural sciences, creation of scientific bases of agricultural sustainable development and insurance of food protection. The institutes’ researchers together with the collaborators of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry and the Agroindustrial Agency “Moldova Wine” have elaborated the Project of the Strategy of Agriculture Development, National Program of Agricultural Lands Consolidation, the Law on Ecological Agriculture, the Law on Horticulture, the Law on Apiculture, the Law on Vineyard and Wine and other normative documents.

To the development and coordination of researches in the agroindustrial complex and organization of collaboration between scientific academic potential, branch and university potential famous scientists contributed.

Research directions:

Evaluation, protection, improvement and increase of fertility, sustainable utilization of soil resources;

Creation of the competitive breeds and hybrids of maize, sorghum, tobacco, vegetables and potato, decorative, untraditional and medical plants of different maturity groups and directions of utilization; amelioration of breeds and technologies of field crops cultivation;

Elaboration of high developed technologies in zootechnics and medical veterinary;

Creation, multiplication and implementation of the horticultural breeds; amelioration of grape-vine and elaboration of the advanced technologies in the wine making;

Development of the scientific and practical bases of ecologic agriculture’s functioning; elaboration of methods, means, procedures and ecologic friendly system of plant protection and of technologies for the application in traditional and ecological agriculture;

Carrying out scientific researches, the activity of innovation and technological transfer in the field of food industry;

Mechanization and Automatization of the technological processes in the agricultural and food sector.