The French Academy of Agriculture is an independent, no-profit institution, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Agriculture. The statutory organs of the Academy are the Bureau, the Academic Commission, and the Commission of funds. The President of the Academy is elected for one year; he is the chairman of the sessions and represents the Academy at international level. The permanent administration is assumed by the “Secretaire Perpetuel” and “Tresorier Perpetuel”. The members of the Academy are grouped within ten thematic Sections, dealing with:

  • Soil Cultivation;
  • Production Systems and Vegetal Products;
  • Forestry;
  • Breeding;
  • Production Systems and Animal Products;
  • Human and Social Sciences;
  • Physiochemical and Biochemical Sciences;
  • Life Sciences;
  • Natural Resources, Rural Planning and Environment;
  • Food Industry;
  • Farming Equipment and all other non-food products;
  • Economic and Rural Policies.


Heir to the Societe Royale d’Agriculture founded in 1761, the French Academy of Agriculture has been the source of the development and spreading of agricultural knowledge from the end of the 18th century to the first half of the 20th century. Today it is at the service of Agriculture and Society, through its synthetic works reported during its weekly open meetings or by the drafting of advice and vows passed on to the responsible authorities.

Its mission is to support the progress of agriculture and rural society with an emphasis on their scientific, technical, economical, juridical, social and cultural aspects. Within the framework of its ten sections, all the different aspects of agriculture (soil cultivation, breeding etc.), forestry, environment and food production are tackled.

Its activities consist of: Weakly Sessions, Seminars and Symposia, Periodical Publications, Annual Awarding of Prizes, Medals and Scholarships, Promotion of Historical Studies.

The Academy has 120 titular members, 60 foreign members, 180 French corresponding members and 60 foreign members.



Presidium Bureau for 2006:
President – Alain RÉRAT
Vice-President – Jacques RISSE
Secretary – Guy PAILLOTIN
Vice-Secretary – Jean-François MOROT-GAUDRY

The Academic Commission:
Section 1                     André GALLAIS
Section 2                     Georges TOUZET
Section 3                     Gilbert JOLIVET
Section 4                     Philippe LACOMBE
Section 5                     Léon GUÉGUEN
Section 6                     Jean-François MOROT-GAUDRY
Section 7                     Alain PERRIER
Section 8                     Christiane MERCIER
Section 9                     Christian MARÉCHAL
Section 10                   André NEVEU