Thoraya Ahmed Obaid.

Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund, described the statement as Sea Change in the settings. There is no talk of sin and repentance, she said, adding: It’s more about the acceptance of people with HIV (Corder, AP / USA Today.

Including dependence or addiction to multiple substances of abuse as health care reform the the delivery of health services in our country, this type of information increasingly increasingly, the needs of an integrated system of care. .. Another trend is found in the treatment recordings associated with alcohol problems decreased by 48 % in 1999 to 39 % in 2005, but steadily steadily to 42 % in 2009. Almost half of the admissions for alcohol abuse problems involved abuse of other drugs. 86 was the leading drug for the treatment admissions to all the major ethnic and racial groups except persons Puerto Rican origin . Almost three-quarters of marijuana admissions involved males and nearly half involved non-Hispanic whites. Marijuana was either of primary or secondary cause for substance abuse treatment in 86 – % of all admissions to those aged 12 to 17 – This new report shows the challenges facing our nation’s health care system as the treatment groups needs of people with drug and alcohol problems need to tackle further develop, said SAMHSA Administrator Pamela S. Continue reading