Erectile Dysfunction Growing Younger in Norway

Problems in sex-related sphere are, probably, the most embarrassing and unwanted for men. Nevertheless, an increasing number of males is experiencing the condition. Generally, the disorder strikes male ability to achieve and hold an erection for sufficient time and for a pleasurable intercourse. Embarrassment, low self-esteem, anxiety and similar complications can appear as a result of dysfunction. According to the statistics, 10 years ago erectile dysfunction was peculiar to men over 60 in Norway, while currently an increasing number of young men suffer from the complication.

Reasons and Risks of Impotence Development

The causes of such dramatic changes are numerous. First of all, ultimately busy lifestyle, unhealthy eating, no exercises, constant stress and anxiety frequently serve the reason for condition development. Additionally, inexperienced men, who have sex for the first time, fail to get proper erection due to anxiety and fear of failure. Smoking, abnormal alcohol consumption, drug abuse and similar habits can trigger the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Apart from physical reasons, such as anxiety, stress, relationship problems, etc., erectile dysfunction can start bothering people, who have certain underlying or accompanying health concerns, including the symptoms of heart disorders, circulatory complications, kidney or liver impairments, abnormal blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and others.

Thus, if you are still a young man full of life and power, but impotence symptoms start bothering you more and more frequently, contact a qualified medical specialist and learn possible causes of a nasty disease.

Ways to Prevent and Treat Disorder

Even if the condition started preventing you from satisfactory and pleasurable sex rather often, you should not despair, as the modern pharmaceutical market is filled with various treatments, herbal supplements and drugs to eliminate its symptoms and manage male disability to get and keep an erection. With the help of you can find the best treatment for your health complication and forget about it forever. If you are still young, active and are looking for a full sexual life, Cialis will provide you with over 30 hours of hard and stiff erection.