Top 7 Health Risks for Males over 40 in France

It is a well-known fact that people turning 40 find themselves in the middle of their life. Definitely, it is a milestone for any person to be proud of, though it is also a list of health conditions to fight with. Definitely, people who have been taking care of their body have no reason to worry, while others can face various risks and dangers. According to the statistics, over 80% of men in France have certain health impairments at age 40+. An overwhelming majority of them are connected with heart functioning, sex-related sphere, pulmonary disorders and others. Striving to keep healthy irrespective of age, a patient should be aware of certain risks before their occurrence.

Possible Health Complications as a Result of Aging Process

Busy lifestyle, low health education, health-harming daily routine and related issues trigger the development of serious health problems. Most commonly, people at age 40 are diagnosed with the following conditions:

  • Heart complications occur due to intensive work and organ weariness. The only way to keep it working is get the necessary maintenance and care;
  • Sexual disorders hit over 50% of males in France and around the world. The condition is straightly related to heart functioning and blood circulation around the body. However, with effective remedies available at, you can stay active at any time;
  • Diabetes strikes an increasing number of males. People, who do not eat healthy and do not care for their bodies are at a high risk of condition development;
  • Depression. Results of investigations show that depression, anxiety and stress are the usual things in the life of an elderly man. Regular exercising, proper lifestyle and other safety recommendations will help you prevent complications;
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Smoking frequently becomes a reason of this condition development. Serious breathing disorders can appear in people with rich smoking experience;
  • Skin cancer appears 50% more frequently in men than women. Excessive UV light sources and similar factors can contribute to the complication spreading;
  • Liver problems. Being a kind of a body filter, liver also tends to wear out with time, that stimulates certain disorders appearance.