CBO issues not-so-rosy long-term budget outlook In the short term.

But, starting in 2016, as more seniors join the Medicare ranks, the deficits will pick up again. The Associated Press/Washington Post: Congressional Spending budget Office Research Warns Of Long-Term Debt Woes In USA The federal government hasn’t defaulted on its obligations and Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew warned Tuesday that Congress must act to increase the debt limit by mid-October but he warned Republicans that President Barack Obama will never go with their demand to derail execution of the new health care rules as part of a measure to fund the government or increase the debt limit .* Muscles usually need around 48 to 72 hours complete recovery from a difficult workout session. * Two to three hours once you get right up out of bed may be the best period because hormone amounts are high as well as your back again has re-adjusted itself at that time, but is a good time to teach anytime. * 1.14 grams of proteins per pound of bodyweight is a great guide, though lean bodyweight should be taken into account for a far more accurate figure rather than total body weight. * Stay motivated by recording everything you perform and every bodybuilding suggestion that you find out at the gym.