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Society for Women’s Health Research 1025 Connecticut Ave. 701 Washington, to higher risk of cardiac arrest linkedanalyzed in a new study that finds 10 years of data that, contrary to what many people believe to participate in marathons and half-marathons is not at higher risk of cardiac arrest compared linked to other forms of athletics. The study, by online in the New England Journal of Medicine 12th Published in January, was that most participants who experience cardiac arrest during such endurance races diagnosed, had pre-existing heart problems avanafil 100 mg .

Investigated Baggish and colleagues for their study the incidence and outcome of cardiac arrest occurs during or at the finish line of the marathon or half marathon in the United States between 2000 and mid-2010.

18 percent of 16M U.S. Residents, Study ShowsMore than 16 million adult in the U.S. Are underinsured and many without a the necessary medical treatment, drug and follow go, especially because of the related costs, according to a survey publish on Tuesday in which. Health Affairs Web website reports the Chicago Tribune. This study sets out the underinsured than those who. The medical costs account on minimum of 10 percent of their income, or low-income residents of the U.S., 5 percent of their income Nearly three four to be considered underinsured low-income adults in the U.S., the study finds. People of high a deductible and coverage limitations as a to be underinsured and, which Grandstand reports. That according to the survey, 38 percent of who are under-insured often determine non to populate prescriptions; adopt 32 percent medical attention a doctor , even if they have a medical problem, avoided 30 percent, medical tests, the treatment or follow-up and 18 percent fall supervision of experts, primarily because the services are too expensive. underinsured also have trouble paying its medical bills, comparing with a people who have a comprehensive insurance plans. Forty-six % of the population with a limited range reporting from a collection agency via unpaid medical bills, and 35 percent medical issues contacted to change their lifestyles to cover medical expenses, the study. Humans who do not have health insurance , it is reported that to the to the underinsured says to the Grandstand. Cathy Cathy Schoenberg, vice president of Commonwealth Fund in that in the immediate future, it might become more difficult to to differentiate the consumer, the underinsurance of those who are not insured. If the trend continues as expected, in the number of underinsured[ will be] increased enormously in coming years , and people who are sick have affected disproportionately, said Ron Pollack, director of Families USA, Pollack adds that low – cost, high – deductible plans how Medical savings accounts might contribute the the of consumer the financial means have the financial resources for everyone, but benefits services in advance. Susan Pisano, a spokesman for America’s Health Insurance Plans, said, choice of products is a good thing , adding: These options are no for everyone, but they take address true needs market (Graham, Tribune, – A summary of this study is available online courtesy reprinting you may show the entire Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage searching in the archives of and sign up for email service in Kaiser Daily HealthPolicyMonitor Reports being publishes on a free service from The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.