Since these forensic scientists have no specific training in psychiatry.

Gema Fonseca Fonseca Morales and directed by Professor Mar a Jose Jimenez Diaz has under previous under previous Penal Codes, time,ish justice hesitan a hesitan, fluctuating and sometimes contradictory line in cases of some changes, such as personality or neurotic disorders. However, since the implementation of the current punitive text, sentences prove strictly from the perspective of medical and psychiatric science and closer to current international classifications of mental diseases.. New research warns of the lack of specialization within the Spanish Forensic Scientists When judging people with mental disordershas conducted research of the Department of Criminal Law[ of the University of Granada[ for the first time analyzes all sentences passed in Spain since 1870 in which the defendant of the charge or the sentence was reduced was acquitted due to a mental disorder.

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